Become A Certified Yoga Instructor

Yoga Den Teacher Training

with Leeza Villagomez & Guests Instructors 

Loka, Samastaa, Sukhino, Bhavantu…..May all beings everywhere be happy and free. The Yoga Den Yoga School is an organic program for anyone wanting to learn more about their bodies, their practice, and their untapped potential. With our 200-hour, 300-hour and 500- hour Yoga Alliance-approved Training Program you will learn the anatomy of some of the most commonly used yoga postures, the healing benefits of each posture, pranayama (breath control) techniques to calm your mind and lower blood pressure, kriya (cleansing) yoga, and ayurveda, the Science of Life, 10,000 thousand-year-old system of keeping the body healthy to avoid disease. You will also experience yoga practices from many different traditions including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Anusara, Yin, Vinyasa, Restorative, AiReal and Pre/ Post Natal. You will be taught safe and effective hands-on adjustments, as well as how to develop, sequence, and instruct a yoga class. Learn about the yamas (restraints) and niyamas (observances) and how to apply them to your practice and your life. You will experience a Puja, Oma, and Kirtan.

For or any and all teacher training  information please email … For all other questions please email

Course Options

10 Day Intensive Modules
( Modules can be taken in any order)

200 Hour – Two 10 Day Modules

300 Hour – Three 10 Day Modules

Assigned Weekends

200 Hour – 8 Assigned Weekends 

300 Hour – 12 Assigned Weekends

Course Details

Yoga Den’s organic Teacher Training is lead by Leeza Villagomez and guest instructors.  You will need to:
  • Attend 2 Guest Workshops
  • Attend 1 Live Music Yoga Class
  • Attend 1 Seasonal Cleanse & Detox Retreat (Able to Be Modified)
  • Attend 1 Rawfood Workshop
  • Complete required Assisting hours ( listed below)
  • Compete required teaching hours (listed below)
  • Complete required hours of training in order to register as a Yoga Alliance Certification Instructor.
  • Write a Minimum of a 1 Page report, double spaced of each book assigned ( you will get your book list with sign-up)
  • Take 12 pictures of yourself in designated Asana’s for before and after purposes


For or any and all teacher training  information please email … For all other questions please email

~Assisting Classes 54 Hours (or more)

~ Teaching Classes 54 Hours (or more) for SEVA = Service

~ Experience a Yoga Life Style Nutrition Cleanse Retreat & Detox Techniques

~ Complete Assigned OM Work

~ Anatomy and Alignment of the most commonly used yoga poses

~ Healing Benefits of each yoga pose and the Sanskrit names

~ The five element to building and sequencing a yoga class

~ Body Awareness with the art of linking breath and movement

~ Safe & effective hands on adjustments while addressing safety issues and posture variations & modifications

~ Prop use and recognizing tension vs compression

~ Build confidence through practice teaching with a supportive tribe of like minded peers and guidance from  Leeza & Guest instructors

~ Yoga as a life style with self care techniques, nutrition, cleansing and detox practices

~Discover your own personal style not just memorizing and reciting sequences, our training gives you space and encourages you to find your teaching style.

~ Meditation, unlocking the chakras and pranyama techniques and the art of fusing them together

~Assisting Classes 27 Hours (or more)

~ Teaching Classes 27 Hours (or more) for SEVA = Service

~ Complete Assigned OM Work

~ Anatomy and Alignment of Advance Asana

~ Healing Benefits of each advanced asana and the Sanskrit names

~ How to observe bodies

~ Designing a 5 year plan for your yoga career or studio

~ Assisting 200 hour trainees with teaching assignments

~ Assisting Lead trainer during workshops and events to get hands on facilitating experience

~ Creative safe sequencing around a peak unicorn pose

~ Advance Pranayama  & Mantra techniques

~ Dive deeper into the 8 limbs of Yoga & Philosophy

~ Pre-recorded 30 Day Meditation w/Leeza 

~ Dieties & Archetypes

~ Aligning classes with the Koshas

~ Creating an Outline for your own Book

~ Yoga and the Luminous Body with Shaman Andrea Bernstein

January 10th, 11th, 12th & 13th

(Equals 2 weekend)

2019 New Year Cleanse & Detox with Leeza & Special Guests (See Flyer For Schedule)

January 25th, 26th & 27th

Bhav Yoga Den Utah

February 1st & 2nd

(Equals 1 Weekend)

Anatomy & Alignment

The art of vinyasa, verbal and physical adjustments, creating safe classes for group fitness

Pose break down, alignment & practice teaching

February 8th, 9th & 10th

Bhav Yoga Den Utah

February 15th, 16th & 17th

(Equals 1.5 Weekend)

Rawfood Workshop (6:30 -9pm 2/15)

Partner Thai Massage (1pm – 4:00pm 2/16)

Pose break down, Alignment & Practice Teaching

More Date Coming Soon…. Our TT is ongoing you can start at anytime :-)


200 Hour Certification

$ 2700

0r $1400 Per Module (2 Ten Day Modules)Includes

  • Teacher Training Manuel
  • 1 Live Music Yoga Class
  • 2 Guest Instructor Workshops
  • 1 Seasonal Cleanse & Detox Retreat
  • 1 Rawfood Workshop
  • 200 Hour Yoga Den Certificate (Yoga Alliance Approved)

Not Included:

  • Required Books
  • AiReal Yoga ( class packages available)

300 Hour Certification

$ 3900

0r $1350 Per Module (3 Ten Day Modules)Includes

  • 3 Special Guest Instructor Workshops
  • Teacher Training Manuel
  • 300 Hour Yoga Den Certificate (Yoga Alliance Approved)

Not Included

  • Required Books
  • AiReal Yoga (class packages available)

Teen (Ages 12 -17)

Teen Teacher Training

$ 1080

Per Student Ages 12-17
  • Yoga Den 200 Hour Certificate ( Yoga Alliance Approved)
  • Teacher Training Manuel

Not Included:

  • Required Workshops (YTT Discount Available)
  • Required Cleanse & Detox Retreat
  • Required Books
  • Required Meditation & Yoga Classes (YTT discount available)
  • AiReal Yoga ( class packages available)