What Clothing to Pack

We are not backpacking, you can pack what you need. We have a lot of people helping us carry bags. Keep in mind though that you will also want to shop in India. There are great clothes, jewely, rugs, tapastries etc. so you may end up coming back with more things.

The climate is very similar to California. October is cool, but can have warm days. Think layers and comfortable clothes. Comfortable walking/hiking shoes are critical-bring them. Bring a nice pair of shoes just in case, but protect those feet. Uncomfortable feet in India are no fun.

What to wear

There is a rumor that everyone India wear nothing but Saris and Kurtas and coveres their heads. This is just not true, people wear a lot of western clothes in India so be yourself and be comfortable. If you want to wear a Kurtas that’s great, but if you want to wear jeans and tees that totally fine too. In India you will be a “foreigner” whether you wear a sari or Levi’s. Be yourself and be comfortable but mindful, especially when we visit Temples ( shoulders covered and clothing below the knees)


Do you like river rafting and visiting waterfalls? Heck Yes!! Well, we will be on the banks of the Ganges River in Rishikesh. Bring swim clothes-maybe not a bikini, but cutoffs and a swim top. It is amazing to swim in water fresh from the Himalayas. The Ganges River which runs next to Rishikesh is the fresh water flowing from the top of the Himalayan mountains. Swim in this water! It is spectacular. Also, there is a 2 mile hike to a famous waterfall in Macleod Ganj (another place we will visit) So bring some water shoes, swimming clothes and enjoy.

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