Step 1- Get A Valid Passport

You can read more information about getting a passport here. You will need to get passport photos taken in order to process the application. Those can be taken at FedEX, CVS, Walgreens and Wal-Mart. Many places take passport photos.

Step 2 – Get a Travel Visa to India

New info regarding travel VISAs

There are 2 different ways to get a VISA. The link on the website takes you Travisa where you have the option of applying for the online VISA or the traditional. In the online Visa you do not surrender your passport and it is all done electronically. It cannot be done sooner than 34 days prior to travel and is not a long term tourist Visa. This is new so we have not experienced what this would be like at the airport in Delhi.

Here is the Link

The other option, the traditional visa, this takes a little longer but you have longer travel times in India. You can only get a 10 year VISA now I believe

Here is the link:

This is from the front page of the website:

A traditional Indian tourist visa is stamped inside the traveler’s passport. The visa application process requires the original passport and original signed application form along with all required supporting documents to be sent to Travisa to process with the Indian Consulate, so the official visa can be issued and stamped inside the traveler’s passport. It is recommended for all travelers to apply for the traditional Indian visa to be stamped inside the passport to avoid possible delays or difficulties upon arrival in India.

Visa’s To India are Required.

You can expedite the services for both the Passport and the visa, but remember these cost more. Feel free to use the address below as a contact address in India. This will be required on your visa application.

India Office:

Mr. Vivek Yadav / Vihal Yadav

House no-12, 1st Floor, Satya Niketan, Opp S.V.College

New Delhi (India)

Mobile: +(91)-9897316192

Mobile U.S.A : 001-760-459-9790 ( Martena Wilson )

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