India Travel Check List

The following are things you will need or do, either to get into India or while you are there.
  • Passport
  • Visa (with minimum six months remaining)
  • Ticket (airline) and when to arrive:
  • Arrive in New Delhi late night of the 19th or early morning on the 20th. Click here for more detailed information about your flight arrival.
  • Notify banks/credit cards of your arrival and departure dates. This is so banks are aware that it is you withdrawing money from your account and not someone else.
  • Notify you cell-phone carrier and understand roaming charges (they are very expensive). Most people use SM now, but data charges still apply-be prepared.
  • Camera (bring batteries). India is full of amazing sights. Phones are great now for photos. But sometimes it is nice to have a camera. However, bring your own batteries from the U.S. It seems all the batteries I have ever purchased in India have no juice.
  • Plug adapter great to have, these will be needed to charge your phone, computer/tablet etc. However, these can easily be purchased in India during your full-day city tour.
  • Bring cheap small little gifts for people you meet and like. I always brought pens or stickers that said “USA”, cheap T-shirts that say, “CALI” or “USA,” HERSHEY’S chocolates are also a favorite. But you can think about what you would like to bring. You always meet at least one-person that makes you happy you came to India and “gifting” is a nice gesture.
  • Consider buying a cell-phone in India ($35-$50) this cost will be so much cheaper than paying cell phone while in India. Or plan on SM use instead of voice (data charges still apply).


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