Yoga Den Mission Statement:

Our calling is to engage people. We want them to embrace and understand the Art of Yoga and how to naturally improve their health and quality of life through the integration of mind, spirit and body. We provide the environment to awaken the love for our body, nurturing the potential of our mind and embrace our spiritual potential and growth with the universal source.

We do this with love, compassion, a sense of humor, and with respect for what each individual can accomplish through Yoga and throughout their lives.

Yoga Den History

Founded in 1996, The Yoga Den started with classes in a dance studio. The City of Corona and the surrounding areas are not like the West Los Angeles crowd. It took time and effort to teach the community the benefits of Yoga. A few years later, the Yoga Den moved into a 2,000 square foot space. The yoga concept began to grow and in year three a small Massage and Esthetian room was built. Soon after, health workshops were integrated into the quarterly schedule and this gave way to the Health Spa aspect of the business. In 2008, we moved to the current site. In the past four years, the Yoga Den Health Spa has grown in recognition. Even with the West Los Angeles crowd. The studio has been featured in LA Yoga Magazine. The Editor of the magazine enjoys taking classes at the studio every time she is in the area.

Our healing center, yoga classes and Yoga Teacher Training School are well-rounded and holistic. We teach various guided meditation and yoga styles. Our philosophy is that yoga is for EVERY body. With this in mind, our curriculum encompasses a multitude of styles and disciplines, such as Guided Meditation, AiReal Yoga, Kids Aireal, Vinyasa flow, Power Yoga, Iyengar, Anusara, Ashtanga, Restorative, asana sequencing and adjustment. We also focus on life-building practices such as kriya (cleansing), pranayama (breath work), raw food preparation, Ayurvedic healing and diet. We incorporate healing modalities from Native American and South American Indians, Hindus and Hawaiians. Our Healing Center offers Non-Invasive Body Contouring, Health Coaching, Homeopathy, Massage Therapy, and Energy Healing services by appointment. Private Yoga and Corporate Yoga Sessions available.

Leeza Villagomez, 500 E-RYT Owner, Trainer and Program Director of Yoga Den International Yoga School

About The Owner – Leeza Villagomez E-RYT 500

Leeza’s first inspiration to try Yoga came when she was about to turn eighteen, in the summer of 1983, after watching a television interview where Raquel Welch was talking about her Yoga practice. Inspired, Leeza sent away for Raquel Welch’s video, found any books she could on Yoga at the library and started meeting people who were involved in the practice. Then when she was twenty, the six-foot-tall blond lived and worked outside the US for the first time in Japan. Homesick and experiencing culture shock, she found a Yoga teacher in Tokyo. All the lifestyle components of the practice, along with meditation and finding happiness and health, continued to be her anchor. Whenever she would travel the world, be it Munich, Athens, Barcelona, Sweden, Miami she would come back to Southern California, where, as she described it, the best Yoga teachers could be found. Therefore, it made perfect sense to return home. Her love of Yoga led to completing a number of teacher training programs and studying with a variety of teachers, traditions and lineages. Iyengar, Ashtanga, Saul David Raye, Yoga Works, Shiva Rae, Steve Ross, Bryan Kest, Beth Shaw, Sean Corne to name a few. In 2011 she lived in an Ashram in India learning about the spirit, mind and body. The years of continuous study have given her a style that emphasizes the needs of the group as well the individual practitioners which aids in their journey to healing.

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