Pre- Bhakti Fest West Event: PotLove & Kirtan with Govind Das & special guest Clay Campbell

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Saturday, August 8th 2015, 7:00-9:30PM
$20 in ADV, $25 at the door
*PotLove: Bring your favorite food, drink or dessert to share*

Spiritual traditions have long used song, music, and sound vibration as a method of prayer to enter the realm of the divine. In the traditional path of yoga, this practice is called KIRTAN – or devotional chanting. Through repetitously chanting the names of God/Goddess from ancient India, Govind Das will guide you on a musical meditation and yogic ritual deep into the essence of Bhakti—the yoga of the Heart, the yoga of Love and Devotion. Through the grace of his teachers, Govind Das has uniquely melded ancient Indian mantras with heart-opening melodies, playing traditional Indian instruments. Kirtan is commonly described as a “jewel of a spiritual practice” because of its joyful, open-hearted, meditative, and communal feeling. Govind Das’s music is been described as a trance inducing mandala where the eyes close, voices and hearts open, and meditation, art, and prayer merge together as One.

“Govind Das’s kirtan flows like a waterfall of raw emotion, their sweetness and passion permeating every chant.” -JAI UTTAL

About Govind Das: In the tradition of “Bhakti/Devotion” Ira Jeffrey Rosen was given his spiritual name- Govind Das or simply which means “servant of the Divine”. His path of service and devotion is at the root of his spiritual life- to serve the Love and Spirit that lives in the hearts of all. It is from this place that his teachings and music flow. He is the owner/director of BHAKTI YOGA SHALA, an innovative bhakti-based yoga studio in Santa Monica , California Govind Das teaches Bhakti Yoga and Kirtan classes, workshops, and retreats at yoga studios, festivals, and retreat centers around the globe.

Bhakti Fest is a Yoga, Dance, Sacred Music festival which celebrates the devotional path and is a certified Non Profit 501c3. It embraces ancient and modern sacred wisdom and traditional and non-traditional spiritual practices. The festival is a vehicle for evolution of human consciousness through a heart-centered revolution. Bhakti Fest builds a community of people drawn to follow the path of the heart – a devotional, prayerful, loving, healthful, respectful family.

Join Leeza and the Yoga Den Tribe at Bhakti Fest 2015

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Leeza will be teaching at Bhakti Fest this year!!!!!!
Bhakti Fest West returns to Joshua Tree, CA this Sept 9-14! Join yogis from all over the world for a long weekend of yoga, sacred music and workshops at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center. Destined to be an unforgettable event! Roll out the red carpet…er…yoga mats! World-renowned yoga instructors Saul David Raye, Shiva Rae, Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band, Yogi Cameron and many more of the biggest names in yoga, will be leading energizing sessions. Raise your consciousness! Also join Krishna Das, Trevor Hall, Donna De Lory, MC Yogi and many other global sacred music superstars for the transcendental experience of kirtan or other spiritual music. If yoga is considered the heart of this festival, its soul is music.Click here Bhakti Fest West 2015 for a full line-up
Click Here to Purchase Your Ticket
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Summer Pop-Up Class: Kids AiReal Yoga Monday & Wednesday

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*Limited Space*
*8 Classes : $80*
*may be shared with other sibling*

4 Classes : $48

Single Class Drop-In: $14

Why should adults be the only ones having fun hanging around the studio?

Join us for Kids AiReal Yoga where they can swing in the air like a monkey. Children can gain enhanced concentration, flexibility, body awareness, and overall well-being from any yoga practice. But a Aireal Yoga class, has even more to offer! This super-fun style of kid’s yoga also promotes better balance and boosts self confidence. Kids AiReal is a class created specifically for children between the ages of 6 – 12. Using low-hanging AiReal Hammocks. All classes are taught over yoga mats for safety with hands on spotting by experienced AiReal instructors.

AiReal Yoga 50 Hour Immersion

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To Sign Up Or for More info please go to:—50-hr-immersion.html

AiReal Yoga 50 hour immersion for 200HR YA Certified Yoga Instructors
~To become fully certified you must take all three modules and pass a written exam.
~Each day will begin with an AiReal Yoga class taught by founder Carmen Curtis with teachers in training either taking or observing/assisting.
~Comprehensive manual and lesson plans are included in price.

Module A: Focus, Intro to AiReal Yoga, Care of Fabric, Method and Namaskar A.
Saturday, August 15th, 11:00AM-8:00PM
Sunday, August 16th, 8:00AM-5:00PM
Module B: Focus, Progressions, Core, Rigging and Asanas
Saturday, September 5th, 11:00AM-8:00PM
Sunday, September 6th, 8:00AM-5:00PM
Module C: Focus, Flow, Power, restorative and Sequencing
Saturday, October 10th, 11:00AM-8:00PM
Sunday, October 11th, 8:00AM-5:00PM