Trance Dance 1

Yoga Trance Dance as Created by Shiva Rea Hosted by Ariana Bates

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Saturday, May 30th at 7:30PM
$15 in adv., $25 the Day of

Yoga Trance Dance includes Meditation, Prana Flow Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, and a Sound Bath Savasana.

Yoga Trance Dance® is a contemporary exploration of the spirit of dance within yoga.  Beginning with prana yoga of the experience of prana initiating yoga asanas, yoga trance flows into an exploration of free-form, breath driven movement to liberate one’s creative life force and cultivate embodied freedom!



About Ariana Bates

Ariana Bates’ vision is to hold space for inclusive yoga for everyone and she is Co-Founder of Free Yoga On The Beach in Belmont Shore.  Ariana is  global bhakti yoga ambassador. Ariana leads Yoga Trance Dance at Festivals such as the San Francisco Green Festival and at local hot spots like Agape, Full Circle Venice, The Springs, Bhakti Yoga Shala, Ecstatic Dance LA and Yogalution. She lives a life of service through yoga, dance liberation and as a high school counselor. Ariana has helped thousands of people activate the radiant heart of sahaja expression.    Ariana would like to thank her teachers: Michael Bernard Beckwith, Shiva Rea and Kathy Cone.

Kids AiReal

8 Week Summer Pop-Up Class: Kids AiReal Yoga

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*Only 20 Spots Available*

Why should adults be the only ones having fun hanging around the studio?

Join us for Kids AiReal Yoga where they can swing in the air like a monkey. Children can gain enhanced concentration, flexibility, body awareness, and overall well-being from any yoga practice. But a Aireal Yoga class, has even more to offer! This super-fun style of kid’s yoga also promotes better balance and boosts self confidence. Kids AiReal is a class created specifically for children between the ages of 6 – 12. Using low-hanging AiReal Hammocks. All classes are taught over yoga mats for safety with hands on spotting by experienced AiReal instructors.

Dates: 6/3/15, 6/10/15, 6/17/15, 6/24/15, 7/1/15, 7/8/15, 7/15/15 & 7/22/15

**No Make-Up Classes**

Tony Khalife
Summer Cleanse

Summer Cleanse & Detox

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$239 if paid before March 12th, $279
*Re-trainees $128
Summer Energy Detox Combo: $327 if paid by june 4th, $354 After
Perks with Combo: $20 off Shamanic private & 1 Free Hammock Class

4 Day Schedule:
Thursday, June 18th 4:30pm-10:00pm Leeza’s Ashram
Friday, June 19th 6:00pm-9:00pm At Leeza’s Ashram
Saturday, June 20th 8:00am-1:00PM At Leeza’s Ashram/ Yoga Den
Sunday, June 21st 8:00am-1:00pm At Leeza’s Ashram

Please sign up and receive your prep info to make the transition into fast. The Cleansing retreat is a 3-4 day fast, you will learn how to facilitate your own fasts, with proper information and guidance. Did you know the average person carries about 5-10 lbs of waste in their colon? What does that do? Sign up ASAP to start the pre-cleanse and learn how to clean out your body temple and heal your self with Yoga, fasting, lymphatic movement and massage.


Summer Energy Body Detox with Andrea Bernstein

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Fire Ceremony & Despacho

Friday, June 19 7:30-10:00PM

$25 (Open to All)
*Included with Summer Energy Body Detox & Cleanse*

Fire Ceremony with Andrea Bernstein
Join us as we create a safe and sacred space to experience these ancient practices, translated and made relevant for our modern day lives. Together we will reflect upon and bring closure to what has been while playfully and purposefully creating a lasting and sustainable vision for the year ahead.


154 if paid by June 4th, $180 After
Friday Night Only:$25

Summer Cleanse Combo:$327 if paid by June 4th, $354 After
Perks with Combo: $20 Off Shamanic Private & 1 Free Hammock Therapy Class

Weekend Schedule:
Friday, June 19th 7:30pm-10:00pm At Leeza’s Ashram
Saturday, June 20th 2:00pm-9:00pm At Yoga Den

Similar to the physical body, our energy body also accumulates toxic buildup and emotional sludge. This density can obstruct the flow of energy to distort your perceptions, emotions and create physical imbalance. Understanding hoe to cleanse and maintain this aspect of yourself is an essential key to optimal health and total well being.
In this add-on or stand alone supplement to the Yoga Den’s Summer Body Cleanse, you will experience essential tools and practices to restore balance and fullness to the deepest levels go your being. Specifically, through shamanic and yogic practices, you will learn to: ~Demystify Your Energy Body
~Reset Your Stress Level
~Remove Emotional Sludge