Bhakti Fest Kirtronica

Pre-Bhakti Fest West Event: Kirtronica -Laser Light Mantra with Jaya Lakshmi

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Tuesday, September 8th 6:00-8:00pm
$20 in ADV., $25 at the door

Soul-stirring dance electronica grooves meet India’s ecstatic chant tradition resulting in spiritually charged music fusion that is…….. KIRTRONICA!!!!
Get ready for an ecstatic evening of dancing and chanting with Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda as they lead you on the journey known as ‘Kirtronica’. Imagine a beautiful altar, dazzling laser lights and insatiably danceable music infused with devotion and you’ve got it. The heavenly voices of Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda swirl you on a mystical journey of the spirit and Ananda’s bansuri flute playing transcending you into the ethers. Will you be there?
‘Kirtronica’ is a term for a new genre of music that is currently being established in the yoga world which is electronic dance music combined with live Sanskrit/Indian chanting and singing over it. Jaya Lakshmi was one of the pioneers of ‘Kirtronica’ with her previous band “Lost at Last”, founded in Maui, Hawaii in 1997. Over the last few years Jaya Lakshmi has composed original electronic music using Ableton Live. Similar to the the Lost at Last sound, her new music is a mixture of house and tribal trance beats, with (recordings of) acoustic instruments like tabla, guitar, flute, and sarod. In the current duo format, Jaya Lakshmi sings live while Ananda runs Ableton Live. They lead the audience through an ecstatic dance journey that awakens their shakti, inspiring devotional trance states and deepening their connection with the divine.

“From the heart-opening strains of their sumptuous traditional kirtan to the wild blend of contemporary rhythms and sounds they call Kirtronica, Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda’s divine harmonies will keep you riding waves of devotion from the meditation hall to the dance floor, and most everyplace in between. ” ~ Janet Stone

Bhaktifest is a Yoga, Dance, Sacred Music festival which celebrates the devotional path and is a certified Non Profit 501c3. It embraces ancient and modern sacred wisdom and traditional and non-traditional spiritual practices. The festival is a vehicle for evolution of human consciousness through a heart-centered revolution. Bhakti Fest builds a community of people drawn to follow the path of the heart – a devotional, prayerful, loving, healthful, respectful family. 10% OFF Bhakti Fest Tickets use PROMOCODE:YOGADEN2015


Destiny by Design with Jeffrey Armstrong

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Thursday, September 17th 2015  7:00-9:00pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                At Leeza House (Address given at Sign-Up)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Investment:$20

Have you have ever wondered… is there re-incarnation, does the soul live on after death, is there a purpose to our lives beyond the day to day existence? What you decide on these questions will affect how you live your daily life.

“Destiny is the cards you were dealt, Free -Will is how you play them, Karma is the outcome” ~ J. Armstrong

These are a few of the topics for the evenings lecture and Q&A
What is karma? Did you know there were four kinds of karma?
What is the Law of Causality, how is karma created and can you change your karma?
Why do bad things happen to good people? What about death & dying?
When we use free-will to create an outcome when can we expect the results?
Do families, societies, countries share a karma?

We invite you to learn the 4 Kinds of Karma and the 3 stages of its unfolding and how to use your conscious free will to over come any negative residues of improper action or association. This yogic “depth psychology” empowers you to liberation and your true potential. Jeffrey’s clear-eye perspective of the issues facing the world paired with his humor and humanity take audiences on an incredible jouney. He will challenge your mind and open your heart and show you a vision of“karma”that blends modern science with timeless wisdom.

Masterfully taught by one of the most loved and respected teachers of Yoga philosophy. Featured in the CBC documentary “Planet Yoga”, best -selling author of “Spiritual Teaching of the Avatar, Ancient Wisdom for a NewWorld” Jeffrey Armstong teaches with humor and deep insight into our human and divine nature.


Jeffrey is an expert on the subject of karma. He’s watched it unfold for thousands of clients. Challenged by the skeptic Michael Shermer on his own show “Exploring the Unknown” Fox TV, Jeffrey proved his incredible accuracy. Jeffrey has over 40 years’ experience as an AyurVedic Astrologer and teacher of Eastern wisdom and he is known for his wise counsel and spiritual insights. He says: “Astrology indicates free will, and unveils hidden karmas. Astrology is not just knowing about life, it’s about planning your life, taking advantage of opportunity, and overcoming challenges.”



Fall Cleanse

Fall Cleanse & Detox September 24th – 27th 2015

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$239, $199 if paid before September 10th
*Re-trainees $108

4 Day Schedule:
Thursday, Sept. 24th 4:30pm-9:00pm Leeza’s Ashram
Friday, Sept.25th 6:00pm-9:00pm At Leeza’s Ashram
Saturday, Sept. 26th 8:00am-1:00PM At Leeza’s Ashram/ Yoga Den
Sunday, Sept. 27th 8:00am-1:00pm At Leeza’s Ashram

Please sign up and receive your prep info to make the transition into fast. The Cleansing retreat is a 3-4 day fast, you will learn how to facilitate your own fasts, with proper information and guidance. Did you know the average person carries about 5-10 lbs of waste in their colon? What does that do? Sign up ASAP to start the pre-cleanse and learn how to clean out your body temple and heal your self with Yoga, fasting, lymphatic movement and massage.

AilReal Training

AiReal Yoga 50 Hour Immersion

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For More info please go to:—50-hr-immersion.html

To Sign Up please go to:

AiReal Yoga 50 hour immersion for 200HR YA Certified Yoga Instructors
~To become fully certified you must take all three modules and pass a written exam.
~Each day will begin with an AiReal Yoga class taught by founder Carmen Curtis with teachers in training either taking or observing/assisting.
~Comprehensive manual and lesson plans are included in price.

Module A: Focus, Intro to AiReal Yoga, Care of Fabric, Method and Namaskar A.
Saturday, August 15th, 11:00AM-8:00PM
Sunday, August 16th, 11:00AM-8:00PM
Module B: Focus, Progressions, Core, Rigging and Asanas
Saturday, September 5th, 11:00AM-8:00PM
Sunday, September 6th, 11:00AM-8:00PM
Module C: Focus, Flow, Power, restorative and Sequencing
Saturday, October 10th, 11:00AM-8:00PM
Sunday, October 11th, 11:00AM-8:00PM


Join Leeza and the Yoga Den Tribe at Bhakti Fest 2015

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Leeza will be teaching at Bhakti Fest this year!!!!!!
Bhakti Fest West returns to Joshua Tree, CA this Sept 9-14! Join yogis from all over the world for a long weekend of yoga, sacred music and workshops at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center. Destined to be an unforgettable event! Roll out the red carpet…er…yoga mats! World-renowned yoga instructors Saul David Raye, Shiva Rae, Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band, Yogi Cameron and many more of the biggest names in yoga, will be leading energizing sessions. Raise your consciousness! Also join Krishna Das, Trevor Hall, Donna De Lory, MC Yogi and many other global sacred music superstars for the transcendental experience of kirtan or other spiritual music. If yoga is considered the heart of this festival, its soul is music.Click here Bhakti Fest West 2015 for a full line-up
Click Here to Purchase Your Ticket
Put the code YOGADEN2015 into the “coupon” field for a