Therapeutic Massage

The healing art of massage therapy has been in practice for over thousands of years. From the islands of Thailand and Hawaii to the mountains of Sweden and Tibet, massage therapy touches people from different regions all around the world.

Nearly everyone in their life has felt the need for therapeutic touch. There’s no doubt that we’ve all heard the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. So whenever our bodies sends the signal that stresses of life are weighing heavily on our shoulders, therapeutic massage is here to assist in the ongoing promotion of optimum health and well-being.

Massage therapy is widely known for its relaxation benefits, relieving muscle pain, increasing blood flow and simply making your entire body feel good. We’ve also discovered that massage aids in helping various disorders such as fibromyalgia, sports injuries, anxiety, and depression.

The end of a massage session should leave the individual with a happy blend of relaxation, renewed strength, rejuvenation, and clarity of mind. As an ongoing healing treatment, therapeutic massage will give you a new state of being and increase your quality of life to unbounded levels.

Available Services

  • Classic Swedish : 30 Minutes – $35 | 60 Minutes – $70 | 90 Minutes – $100
  • Deep Tissue : 30 Minutes – $40 | 60 Minutes – $80 | 90 Minutes – $110
  • Sports/Medical : 30 Minutes – $45 | 60 Minutes – $90 | 90 Minutes – $120
  • Pre-Natal/Post Partum : 30 Minutes – $35 | 60 Minutes – $70 | 90 Minutes – $100

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